7 Easy Steps to Making Money Online

How to start a $50,000 + business. Literally copy my method, for making money online.Everybody is searching for that elusive niche ebook, knowing that when they find it, they will make an absolute killing. Many ordinary people have made tens of thousands of dollars, in a home based business, making money online, from that one Goldmine ebook.
Publishing ebooks is a proven home based business, for making money online, which can be run from home, in your spare time; until you get full time earnings, for part time hours and say goodbye to the Boss! Making money online is a goal of many people wanting a home based business, but finding niches to exploit can be both time consuming and frustrating unless you know to look. The problem with is many marketing gurus will tell you how ‘they’ made their fortunes (at a price), but they rarely ‘show you’ how to do it.
Well thankfully not all marketers are the same. In this article I’m going to ‘show you’ the simple Easy Steps To Making Money Online strategies, that anyone can use to find many niche markets, that can be used to make money online. They you can sell as many of your ebooks to them, as you could possibly want, making a really successful home based business.
The best thing is that all the resources, I’ll show you to use, are Freely available on the internet. So you can try these at home without spending a single dime!A word of warning here, these steps are easy, but if you are not prepared to put in a bit of effort doing your research, then you had just as well stop reading this article now!!Easy Steps To Making Money Online: 1Go to freekeywords.wordtracker.com It won’t cost a penny to use. This is a truly remarkable tool to narrow down a large niche, to the Goldmine sub niche that will put dollars in your bank account. Making money online suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. In the search box, type in your keyword. E.g. “golf slice”. The results that are displayed are the number of searches, for that keyword, or keyword phrase per DAY. So 100 per day equates to 3000 a month.
Note down or use ‘copy and paste’ to put all these results into Notepad, Word or some other word processing package. Pop them into a folder titled “Golf Niche Research” (for example).
The next 2 steps for making money online use two great research tools, Dummies and Amazon. They sell books, but don’t worry we won’t be competing against them, as part of your home based business. We’ll be producing a digital ebook, which can be sent to your customers immediately, once they’ve parted with their dollars and it won’t cost you a penny in shipping!! Great idea yeah?
Another fascinating thing about downloadable ebooks is that oddly enough ebooks have a higher perceived value. Dummies might charge $15 + shipping for a normal book and the customer will have to wait a day or more for its delivery. You’ll be delivering your $40+ ebook to them, making money online, instantly. They get immediate gratification for their dollars and access to your ebook – you bank the cash.Easy Steps To Making Money Online: 2Go to dummies.com Here is a great free tool for the aspiring ebook publisher. You will find loads of possible niche topics by searching the Dummies book range. Search through the titles in general niches, e.g. Golf, as my example and again note down possible sub niche titles (e.g. golf slice cure), considering the keywords you already had from Step1 above. Note down the results and pop into your “Golf Niche Research” folder, as before under the title “Dummies Research” for example.Easy Steps To Making Money Online: 3Go to amazon.com This is truly an amazing resource for locating niche markets. Very few people know this one – you’re now one of the few! In the search bar select “books”. Then type in the niche you’d like to create an ebook around. Go through the lists of books, and jot down in Notepad etc. any interesting book titles, especially any which you see links with previous research in Steps 1 and 2. Put these results into your “Golf Niche Research” folder as before, under the title “Amazon Research”.Easy Steps To Making Money Online: 4Go to goarticles.com This is the third great free, home based business resource, for locating subjects to create ebooks around, enabling you to make money online. Type in your niche subject into the search bar and you’ll be amazed at hundreds and thousands of ebook ideas, which could make money online, for you. Again note down possible ideas in Notepad etc. and pop into your “Golf Niche Research” folder, called “Articles Research”.The aim is to end up with an Enormous List of possible niche topics from Steps 1 to 4.Easy Steps To Making Money Online: 5Take each of your research files in your “Golf Niche Research” folder, print them out with the title on e.g. “Dummies Research”. Lay they out side by side on the kitchen table – not a good idea around meal times, nor if your 1 year old is around – they tend to eat anything. Some kids have no respect for a $ 50,000 + ebook project, do they?
Take a highlight pen, scan your pages looking for items that link and highlight them. Use a different color for separate sub niches. You are now beginning to create a sharper focus, for your ebook ideas, for making money online.Easy Steps To Making Money Online: 6To be really thorough, go back to freekeywords.wordtracker.com and type in some of the sub niche ideas you have found from step 5 above. If there are a lot of people searching for these keywords or keyword phrases (e.g. golf slice cure or golf for seniors), at least 5000 a month; then you’ve located an ebook topic, that could make you some really serious money online. Remember in this search tool, the results shown are per day. So any keywords with around 170 searches per day, equates to that 5000 per month target. Your home based business is now almost ready to roll out.Now let me make one thing clear. What I’ve laid out today are a set of Easy Steps that literally anyone can follow to find that elusive Goldmine ebook. They are easy steps to making money online, but does require a bit of effort. Don’t think that for one minute that you can chuck together a website, sit back and get rich. Many marketers would have a home based business like yours, believe this.
Done properly with the structured approach I have set out, could dramatically change your financial situation. In time you could give up the day job and have your own homed based business, making some serious money online. You won’t become rich overnight, but by setting up a network of mini websites, that each makes $2000+ a month it can seriously affect your wealth!!I think I know what you’re thinking, “How can I possibly write an ebook”, to make money online, even after doing my research? I’ll describe two options here. The first involves a cost; the second won’t cost you a penny!Easy Steps To Making Money Online: 7If you don’t have specialist knowledge of your sub niche topic, to write your own ebook, you can hire a writer to do it for you. Go to elance.com For around $500 a ghostwriter, will create the entire ebook for you. You put your name on it, publish it and keep 100 % of the dollar sales.Alternatively, you can create it the Free way. I’ll go into more detail about this, in my next article, or if you’d like to find out more, click on the link http://www.easystepstomakingmoneyonline.com or copy and paste it into your browser. You are welcome to subscribe to my free weekly newsletter, offering more great tips for making money online and home based business ideas. There are several hours of free video training included! Yes free video!When you have got your ebook, you’ll be able to set up a downloadable system. This will run on autopilot, delivering your ebook to your customers and collecting their payments 24/7. Money will be going into your bank account – even while you are asleep – this has to be the best bit!Please take action and try these steps out. I promise – anyone can do this, just follow my Easy Step strategies for making money online. Until next time, happy researching for that Goldmine ebook.

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3 Benefits to Giving Gizmos and Gadgets for Birthday Presents

In all of my previous articles I have honed in on one important gift-giving technique: tailoring your gift to the recipient’s interests. This is an excellent means of finding an appropriate gift, as it utilizes their existing interests and hobbies and helps you choose a gift that you know they’ll love. It also lets them know that you’ve noticed what they enjoy and have bothered to buy them something meaningful to them.While this is a helpful tip, there are certainly no rules when it comes to gift giving. Sometimes considering the individual’s interests can actually serve to put your mind in a box regarding their upcoming birthday and leave you without too many options!For the guy who has everything and who really doesn’t seem to have many interests, what are the options? You don’t even have to know the guy particularly well for the category of gifts we’ll be discussing in this article.Gizmos and gadgets make fantastic gifts, and there are plenty of benefits, as we’ll soon discover.1. Gizmos and Gadgets Break the Ice
If you’re taking birthday gifts to a party, you can either choose to go the “serious gift giving route”, or you can give something light and fun. Especially if he opens it at the party, if it’s something a little wacky and out there everyone will want to try the new gadget and it will give everyone a great laugh. To give you an example of some popular gadgets on the market at the moment, some of the great party gifts are the flying monkey, the self-stirring coffee mug, and the BBQ branding iron. These will all arouse the curiosity of fellow party goers and make a great atmosphere.2. Gizmos and Gadgets Occupy and Entertain
So you open the presents, have a birthday dinner, and blow out the candles on the cake. But after the party is over, what does one do to celebrate the rest of the day? It’s always nice to have at least one gift be something he can do, particularly in a group setting. Some of the best memories of birthdays for me are just hanging around with the family, chatting and enjoying each others’ company. This time can be enhanced if someone has given him a gadget that people can fiddle with throughout the day and play around with. Whether it’s the antics of the repeat parrot, or the pranks that the echo bot plays on an unsuspecting friend, gizmos and gadgets are a great way to stimulate conversation and laughter.3. Gizmos and Gadgets Stimulate the Mind
Gadgets in the form of mind challenge puzzles can be very educational while still being a lot of fun! Group games, mind challenge puzzles, and logic problems (for example Sudoku and crossword puzzles) are all excellent ways to develop one’s mind and have a great time to boot!So are you convinced yet that gizmos and gadgets can make great birthday gifts? Not only are they stacks of fun, but they enhance the fun of the entire group, providing social interaction and good laughs. And if you choose carefully, you can also provide them with a brain workout in the form of a fun puzzle!So for your next birthday gifts, consider what place gizmos and gadgets could have in your gift giving, and have fun!

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Software Telemarketing: Effective and Cost Minimizing

The effectiveness of the marketing strategies that a software firm makes use of is always something that is very important. When it comes to marketing software products and services, one would want to achieve success as the mere mention of software alone does not immediately attract more clients to the table. This makes marketing for most software firms difficult as some approaches do not work well in terms of helping them make sales. But if that’s the case, why not give something like software telemarketing a try? Software telemarketing is a strategy that other software firms make use of and to their expectations has succeeded in helping them out.Software telemarketing is widely used for the services that it offers to software firms. Telemarketing firms that offer these services can become contact centers for client calls in terms of troubleshooting software problems or they can do lead generation services for software leads. On their list is also software appointment setting services, something which we will go into later. Now, how these services help software firms will be explained below.Becoming a Contact Center – you may not have enough staff on hand to handle client calls when it comes to addressing their problems with your software. In this case, you may need to hire more staff. But why do that when you can employ the services of a good software telemarketing call center. Telemarketing agents are trained more that in just making sales over the phone, no, they are also trained to respond and deal with clients who need some troubleshooting done in regards to software queries. The great thing about this is you do not need to spend so much on resources.Software Lead Generation – software leads are important for any software firm if they want to increase their clientele. There may be lots of lead generation companies out there that offer their services but relying on a software telemarketing firm to do so may just be all that you need. Telemarketers employ the use of cold calling in order to market certain products and services, and now, also make use of it to generate leads for their clients. They can even help software firms that sell ERP and CRM software by providing them with ERP leads and CRM leads. Software leads greatly increase the rate at which you can gain clients and locate prospect companies that you can do business with.Software Appointment Setting – software appointment setting is one service which makes software telemarketing so effective at what it does for software firms. But before an appointment setting campaign for software sales can be done, you must have a good amount of software leads at your disposal. Another piece of good news is that it only takes at least a single telemarketing firm to do this service for you. So you need only hire one provider to become a contact center for software queries, lead generation for software leads, and even software appointment setting. By doing this, you save on a lot of valuable resources and minimize your spending. So, let’s go more into what software appointment setting is. After your telemarketers generate a good amount of leads, they then proceed to make use of these and make their calls. They call prospect companies and try their best to get in touch with specific decision makers within the company and try to schedule you an appointment with the client. If a meeting is agreed to, then the job of is left to you to get a sale out of it.Software telemarketing is an effective solution that a software firm can make use of. And it is also great since you would only need one provider to do most services for you, saving you a lot of things.

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