New Year, New Decade, New Staffing Software: Part 1

The start of a brand-new year is an exciting time for people to reflect on the year behind them and think about goals for the year ahead. Many people look at it as a fresh start! Perhaps there are new best practices you want to try, or pick up a new hobby, or end a bad habit. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, now is a great time as we not only begin a new year, but begin a new decade! So, what’s in store for you as we begin the “roaring 20s”?As you think about the year ahead, what are your goals for your staffing company? Is a new staffing software on your to do list? Perhaps it’s an idea you have been toying with for a while, but haven’t had the chance to begin the research. The idea of implementing a whole new software can sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually quite exciting! It can mean new opportunities, more successes, growth in your business, and more! The possibilities are endless! If new software crossed your mind, there must be something you aren’t satisfied with in your current solution. So how do you even begin your search? What questions should you be asking? What should you be looking for in a solution? All of these questions will be answered to help you in your journey for new staffing software.Where do you even begin?The first step is deciding whether you are going to put together an internal team or hire an outside consultant. You might hire a consultant if you won’t be able to complete a thorough search and analysis on your own. If you go this route, it is very important that you do your research and check the consultant’s credibility. Ask about his industry experience and check references. You want to make sure the consultant is finding the right solution for YOU and isn’t loyal to one software.Whether you hire a consultant or put together an internal team, the next step is discussing what you like about your current solution, what you don’t like, what you are looking for in a new solution, and ultimately WHY you are searching for a new software. Record these questions and answers in a document, as you will need to be thinking about them as you are evaluating software options.You will also need to make a list of your “must have” and your “nice to have” items. Drill down to needs that will help you resolve critical business issues. Once you have your requirements, it will make it easier for you to assess which solutions align with your needs.How do you find a staffing software provider?Once you have your requirements set, the next step is actually finding software solutions. One of the best ways to find a trusted partner is through your local and national staffing associations. Go to the websites of these associations and look at the partners. For some associations, you need to be a member in order to see members and industry partners. I highly recommend becoming a member of your local and national associations, whether you are looking for software or not, as you will gain access to valuable staffing resources. Another valuable resource is through industry events and conferences. These conferences have exhibitor halls that allow you to walk around and talk with vendors face to face.There are of course other ways to find staffing software companies, but the staffing industry itself is the most credible way to find a partner. Staffing software companies that partner with staffing associations keep up with the latest trends, are provided with the same resources that staffing companies receive, and tend to be more involved in the industry.Once you find software companies you are interested in, what are the next steps?The next step would be to setup a time to speak with the software company. Typically, in the initial phone call, you will provide information about your company and learn a little bit about the software product to see if it could be a good fit. It’s also a good time to see if the product has all of your “must have” items and ask what companies they typically work with-what industries, size of companies, etc. This is important to see if the company has experience working with companies similar to yours. If all or most of the points check off, you can setup a demo.The demo should be designed specifically for your industry and needs so you can get a feel for what it would be like to work in the software. If the demo is not designed for you, it may be a red flag. When demoing you want to make sure all of your essential needs are addressed when using the software. Never settle for a software that will not service your essential needs.As you are going through demo’s with different software companies, you will see some solutions have special features that others don’t have. Some software’s you may automatically love, others you may not. It is highly recommended you make an evaluation check list after each demo. Does the software have all of your “must have” items? Does it have your “nice to have” items? What did you like about the software? What didn’t you like? Did it have any special features you haven’t seen in another solution? As you begin going through demos with different software companies, this evaluation will be really helpful, as all of the software’s may eventually blur together. Make it easy on yourself right away, before needing to do unnecessary demos because you forgot what you liked about a software.Stay tuned for Part 2 of “New Year, New Decade, New Staffing Software.” You have your team to find you a new software, you found software solutions you are interested in, and you’ve begun demoing. Part 2 will discuss questions to not overlook, what to avoid as you narrow down your search, and how to plan for a smooth implementation.

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Can a Multisensory Reading Program Help My Child Learn to Read

Is your child with Dyslexia struggling to learn to read despite receiving special education services? Have you heard that a multisensory reading program might be appropriate for your child? Do you wonder what a multisensory reading programs teach? This article will discuss what multisensory reading programs are, the principles of instruction, and what specific skills that they teach.Studies from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development have shown that for children with difficulties learning to read, a multisensory teaching method is the most effective teaching method. This is especially crucial for a child with dyslexia.A multisensory teaching approach means helping a child to learn through more than one of the senses at a time. According to the International Dyslexia Association: The Principles of Instruction are;1. Simultaneous Multisensory which means that teaching is done using all learning pathways in the brain (visual, auditory, kinesthetic/tactile).2. Systematic and Cumulative which means Multisensory language instruction requires that the organization of material follows the logical order of the brain. Each step must also be based on those already learned.3. Direct Instruction: The learning of any concept cannot be taken for granted. Multisensory language instruction requires the direct teaching of all concepts with continuous student-teacher interaction.4. Diagnostic Teaching means that the teacher must be adept at individualized teaching. The teaching plan is based on the careful and continuous assessment of the child’s needs. The content presented must be mastered to the degree of automaticity.5. Synthetic and Analytic Instruction: Multisensory, structured language programs include both synthetic and analytic instruction. Synthetic instruction presents the parts of the language and then teaches how the parts work together to form a whole. Analytic instruction presents the whole and teaches how this can be broken down into its parts.According to LD online and The International Dyslexia Association: A multisensory reading program teaches the following:1. Phonology and phonological awareness. Phonology is the study of sounds and how they work together. Phonological awareness is the understanding of the linguistic structure of words. An important aspect of phonological awareness is phonemic awareness or the ability to segment words into their component sounds.2. Sound Symbol association. This is the knowledge of the various sounds in the English language and their correspondence to the letters and combinations of letters which represent those sounds. Sound-symbol association must be taught in two directions: visual and auditory and auditory to visual. Students must also learn the blending of sounds and letters into words as well as the segmenting of whole words into the individual sounds.3. Syllable instruction. A syllable is a unit of oral or written language with one vowel sound. Instruction must include teaching of the six basic syllable types in the English language: closed, vowel-consonant-e, open, consonant-le,r-controlled, and diphthong.4. Morphology is the study of how morphemes are combined from words. The curriculum must include the study of base words, roots, prefixes, and suffixes.5. Syntax is the set of principles that dictate the sequence and function of words in a sentence in order to convey meaning. This includes grammar, sentence variation and the mechanics of language.6. Semantics is that aspect of language concerned with meaning. The curriculum must include instruction in the comprehension of written language.Children with reading disabilities and dyslexia can both benefit from a multisensory reading program and teaching style. By understanding what a multisensory reading program is and how it is effective in teaching children to read, you can fight for one for your child.

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Purchasing Family Health Insurance – Things to Consider

There is a lot to consider in purchasing Family Health insurance. There are many plans that are available that you can buy that can add or reduce the cost. We have all heard of the following: HMOs – Health Maintenance Organization; PPOs – Preferred Provider Organization; POS – Point of Service Plan. There is a new one that has come into the mix and it is called the Health Savings Account. With HMOs the doctors and associates work directly through the HMO. PPOs and POS are organized by the health insurance. The POS is the most flexible of the three.The Health Savings Account is a supplemental service used for retirement and is meant to replace the high costs with low deductible health insurance policies. So, there has been a change when it comes to health insurance coverage.When purchasing Family insurance make sure to investigate the “Child Health Insurance Options.” There are state and federal plans available. There is health coverage for low income families but most parents choose to add their children to their own policies to save money. If your insurance doesn’t offer a family or group plan there are always the PPOs and the HMOs that do. In researching a quote for you need to fill out the information to receive a quote. The company needs the following information: Gender; Height; Weight; Smoker – yes or no; Birth date and your zip code. After you have filled out all of the information for your family you can submit for information for the insurance coverage and the quote.Also, when purchasing Family Health Insurance there should already be a feel in which company you would like to approach. There is Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts and Aetna to name a few. Each has their own health care coverage. Some examples are other than the basic: Alternative Therapy that involves: massage; manipulative; biologic – herbs; Energy and others.Guaranteed Issue – is is you have any pre-existing health issues that you can not be denied coverage. Indemnity insurance is when the patient can choose who, where and when specifically. Knowing what alternative insurance ahead of time would be a great helping in finding what you need.The whole objective is to make your health insurance coverage the most beneficial and cost effective. So, remember to know your plans, insurances offered and where you would like to purchase. This will save a lot of time and you will have your numbers to talk to other plans for coverage.

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